The variety and strength of Ensworth's programs allow students to explore a breadth of interests or focus on a particular passion. Whatever path they choose, students have both the support and resources they need to develop their talents to the fullest.

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Program Highlight: Makerspace in Action


A Makerspace is a community space used for designing, inventing, and creating collaboratively.


Last summer, the Media room in the Lower/Middle School library was transformed into a Makerspace, available for any K-8 teacher to use for projects involving Design Thinking. Since opening in September, the space has hosted a variety of enriching activities over a range of grades and subjects, including the Grade 8 Coding elective, Grade 2 timeline building projects, Grade 6 Latin Trojan Horse design projects, Chinese game/presentation creation, History Viking ship-building, and various after-school STEM classes.


Technology integration specialists work with teachers and students to use the Makerspace and Design Thinking to enhance the current curriculum. The Makerspace features active learning centers, two 3D printers, a brainstorming/planning wall, a green screen, and light construction supplies for hands-on learning. Students and teachers who want to use the Makerspace are introduced to the concept of “design thinking,” which encourages the maker to consider the purpose and planning of the project, develop a prototype, test it or receive feedback, and return to a redesign if needed. Students will often journal and self-reflect as they go through the Design Thinking process. The Makerspace provides a unique environment on campus for students and teachers to delve into deeper, active learning.

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